Pierre Petit – contemporaray tradition

For more than 40 years the family around Alfred Riedl, founder and CEO of Jacques Lemans, has been very successful in the international watch business. When he founded Jacques Lemans in the beginning of the 1970s, no one could possibly know how strong and important today’s Jacques Lemans Group would ever become. Back then, Alfred Riedl was running a small shop in St. Veit/Glan – today, the watches of his Carinthinan company are distributed in about 120 countries and most Duty-Free Shops worldwide as well as on many important airlines on every continent. Truly a unique success story!

Alfred and Norbert Riedl

Nevertheless Alfred Riedl was always inclined to expand his Jacques Lemans Group and constantly kept his eyes on the market for there might arise an opportunity to add another strong asset to his company. Finally, a couple of years ago, he got the French brand Pierre Petit offered for sale. An offer, he could hardly decline for various reasons. One of them - the two brands go back together a long way. As early as in the 80s Pierre Petit has already been producing precious watches for Jacques Lemans, a huge success back then. So this offer turned out to be a lucky chance for Alfred Riedl and the rest was just mere formality. Pierre Petit was integrated into Jacques Lemans Group, headquarters were transferred to St.Veit/Glan and since then, Pierre Petit has enriched the portfolio of the successful Austrian watchproducer.

So a couple of years ago, the first small, exclusive collection was launched, extended every year by some carefully chosen models. The collection offers sporty, masculine timepieces as well as delicate bijoux-watches with diamonds and elegant models made of High-Tech Ceramic. Right away their distinctive yet classic style has turned Pierre Petit watches into true classics, true classics, that set trends without following every trend.

Classic elegance, striking appearance and timeless beauty are the key factors of the Pierre Petit Collection. So extremely high standards have to be met, of course also when it comes to Communications. Alfred Riedl was therefore looking for the perfect cooperation to represent Pierre Petit in a sophisticated and elegant way. He finally found that partner with the international show jumping events at the famous „Magna Racino“, an internationally reknown location for high-class horse events. For some years „The Grand Prix of Pierre Petit“ was hosted and as a name-sponsor, Pierre Petit was in the spotlight and had the perfect platform for extended, international media-coverage.
The unique elegance of show jumping and the classy timepieces of Pierre Petit are a perfect match and a truly successful partnership.